About me

Email: Victor.Weidar@gmail.com


My name is Victor Weidar! I am a Game Developer from Linköping, Sweden, located in Brisbane, Australia. I’m a trained game designer, but I am also very competent in many other development oriented roles that define me as a generalist. I am always looking for new knowledge, which compliments my ability to pick up and quickly learn new software or processes.

I am very passionate about game development, and I work hard to make my games as good as they can be. Whether it is working with game design, leading a team, 2D and 3D asset creation, player experience, translation work or level/environment design, I always strive to be the best I can be, and it shows through my work, that have received recognition from both Rock Paper Shotgun and PC Gamer.

I am a very calm and positive person. I am used to travelling so relocation is not an issue for me. Having studied game development and design for 5 years total, I consider myself having a very high work ethic and strong stress threshold. I work well both in teams and on my own, and I have no issues with leading a team in order to make great games. My career goal is to learn the industry and to grow into a designer that can work on or lead any professional AAA games company.

On my spare time I enjoy playing and developing games, painting miniatures and play as well as running Dungeons and Dragons campaigns. I am a big fan of RPG games, both board games and digital, and I am a big fan of both playing and making games in fantasy or sci-fi settings.