Hard surface 3D model references

For my final assessment in my 3D class I have to create a hard surface 3D asset. Below are some ideas and links to pinterest boards with reference images I'd use to create the model.

Idea 1 - Steampunk Airship

I've always been a fan of the steampunk genre. Most of the steampunk images and media I've seen have been containing super fancy airships. These have been similar to boats, with sails and hot air balloons. Below you can find the link to my pinterest board with some nice reference photos of airships I'd be interested in making. You will also find the VASA ship, a Swedish royal ship, known for carrying so much adornments and cannons that it didn't even make it out of the harbor on its maiden voyage. I put it there because it'd be fun to try and make something similar as an airship.


Idea 2 - Junkyard Rocket Launch Station

At the start of our course in 3D modelling we were told it was OK to create assets for our own game. Because of that, I wanted to create a rocket launch station as that is the main point of interest in my newest side project. It is also set in a junkyard so i want it to be constructed out of different scrapped materials and roughly bolted together.


Idea 3 - Steampunk Rifle

As I mentioned I am a big fan of the steampunk genre. I think there is a lot of potential to detail when it comes to 3D modelling and there is a lot of interesting fun part to model. As a dungeon master for a D&D group, I tend to create worlds and stories. Recently I have created a massive world that I keep building on and make games take place in as part of a massive world-building project. In this world, there is a city famous for it's production of weapons. These weapons are steampunk weapons and with that I will place the mark of that organization on the rifle.


Idea 4 - Crystalline Sword and Shield

In my D&D campaign I introduced an item that was essentially a sword and a shield combined, made completely out of a slightly transparent, purple crystal. This asset would essentially be that weapon.


Idea 5 - Golem

Golems are usually massive hulking humanoid creatures created out of various materials. Because of my interest in robotics, steampunk and fantasy, I decided to pick Iron golems for this final pick. Much like steampunk, there is a whole lot of interesting details and styles you can put in a golem.