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Hello! I am a Sweden based indie game developer and game designer. I have been a game developer since 16 years old, and so far in my career I have dedicated my time to create small projects and prototypes to hone my skills, most of which can be viewed here.

I aim to make games that lets the player tell their own stories. I love dynamic storytelling and find nothing more inspiring than when the same game brings different positive experiences to all players through variation and unique and rare encounters, and the knowledge that they may be the first to discover it.

When working I tend to work on projects with genres close to heart. My favourite genres are role-playing games and adventure games, and my favourite visual styles are low poly, and dark, eerie games set during a medieval fantasy setting. I find the contrast between the usually cartoon-like style of low-poly characters mixed with dark and unsettling atmospheres and colours incredibly interesting and fairly unexplored.

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