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March 8, 2018

A change in home is never easy. Home is something crafted over time, it holds memories and experiences. Heartland explores how both home and our way of life can change unexpectedly through experiencing the last perfect day of a family.


Bad to the Bone

August 17, 2018

Bad people killed your human. YOUR human. You loved him, you miss him — and now he's gone. All you have left of him is his legendary boxing gloves, and an aching emptiness in your dog-chest. An emptiness that slowly starts to fill with anger. You can still smell the people who slaughtered your master, their scent fresh in your nose. It calls you, and a deep, primal hunger awakens inside. The urge to HUNT. To KILL. With a howl you grab your master's gloves, and set out into the night to avenge his death.

Join Biff the boxer dog as he ventures through old Chicago looking for the one who took the life of his owner (and best friend). With his new powers to transform into a ferocious boxing were-dog Biff takes on the streets and anyone foolish enough to stand in his way in hopes to redeem his owners name and legacy.

Pumpkin Popper

October 31, 2019

Play as a witch getting rid of the pesky pumpkin monsters in her pumpkin patch! Crush as many as you can before the time runs out!

Pumpkin Poppers is a small Halloween game made in a month to be released for the holidays. It was mainly made to practise all the skills i've gotten over the years.


Time Knight

August 7, 2020

As a submission to Brackeys Game Jam 2020.2, Time Knight was a small game created in a week to fit the theme 'Rewind'

As a time knight you are equipped with the powers of time manipulation in order to protect the kingdom and restore order. Now, when the kingdom needs you the most you are... on vacation?

Take control of time knight as they rush to save the kingdom from sky-bandits. Can you make it in time?



A collection of images either from 3D projects or from various games I've developed in the past


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